About us

In times of globalization everything unifies. We wear clothes of the same producers, we have furniture from the same store, we buy food in the same supermarkets belonging to international corporations. We want to change it and give you something that will make you stand out from the crowd - good quality, unique products that will become your trademark.

We offer individually designed products inspired by masterpieces. Our company is based on original ideas and shared passion. We want people to use cultural heritage on a daily basis, to surround themselves with art, because it makes us better and more beautiful. We deal with design and interior design, which uses paintings of great artists. We operate on fair trade basis, that's why, we respect copyright law using only the public domain, we pay for projects and we produce in Poland.

It always attracted us to combine passion and work. Our company is a family business: Asia, Marcin and our daughters: Ola and Gaja. We all share a passion for culture and art. In our store you will find many items based on art, t-shirts and shawls, bags, ceramics and works of young artists who are just starting their careers.